My Top 10 Date Ideas

When you think of date night, is your first thought dinner & a movie? While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s nice to change it up every now & then! I love food, so dinner always sounds awesome.. but let’s be honest, going to a restaurant doesn’t give you many options. You’re basically there to eat, drink, and talk! & If you go to a movie, you stare at a screen together. At times, that can be nice & definitely enjoyable – but for those of you that want a little change, keep reading.

My husband and I are 24 years old, but still kids at heart. Not to mention, now that we have a baby of our own, we take any chance we can get to go out on a date night! We have been together for a total of 7 years so we enjoy changing the pace and making things more memorable. It’s really nice to get out and have some fun!

My Top 10 Date Ideas are:

  • Mini Golf 

Jariah loves to play golf.. I on the other hand really enjoy putt-putt. It’s nice to get outdoors and let our fun competitive sides come out!

  • Bowling 

Living in Florida, any date inside is a good idea.. Bowling is a lot of fun, especially when you do double dates!

  • Arcade Games

We love any type of games, so playing them is nice just to feel like kids again! There’s plenty of options like Game Time, Dave & Busters, even Chuck E Cheese.

  • A night at home

To some this may sound crazy, but you really can have fun and change it up at home! You can start with a board game of your choice, OR if you’re like Jariah and I, we have Nerf Gun wars in the house. Maybe make it interesting- Winner picks the movie, loser makes/buys dinner! There’s so many creative ways to make a night at home more fun.

  • Physical Activities

Yes.. I said Physical Activities… NOT the kind in the bedroom!! (lol) What I mean is, there’s plenty of ways to get out and explore. Depending on where you live, this could be a hike outdoors, paintball with friends, a trip to the beach, indoor skydiving, real skydiving, jet skiing, or maybe a bike ride. I must say, the BEST memories I have with Jariah are of us doing outdoor activities together. GET OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN!

  • Gun Range

Ladies.. we all know, lots of men love feeling manly. But I must say, something about shooting is invigorating for me too! This is a cool date idea, especially if you want to surprise your man! Indoor ranges are great, but if you’ve never been clay shooting – it is a definite must!!! They usually have everything you need there to rent/purchase.

  • Billiards Hall

I might not be very good at playing pool, but I sure do enjoy it! You don’t necessarily need to go to a Billiards Hall to play, normally your local bar or bowling alley will suffice. Usually there’s other games like darts, so there are multiple options for a good time.

  • Go see a Live Show

That’s right, a live show. Not a movie! We love seeing movies, but sometimes that gets boring. Buy tickets to a concert! Go see a local comedian! Go see a celebrity comedian! Go see a Performing Arts show! One thing I find myself doing every few weeks is checking up on Ticket Master for what’s going on in my City.  I always tend to look for bands, artists, or comedians coming soon & even local shows going on!

  • Amusement Park or Water Park

Technically this isn’t a “Date Night” idea BUT you can make an entire day out of it & have the time of your life. This one is obviously on the pricier side, but totally worth it. Living in Tampa, we have multiple options as far as Amusement Parks go & if we are willing to take a little drive to Orlando, the options definitely expand. This is a great idea to do with friends! Tip: Try to steer away from summer, holidays, and weekends.

  • Sports Games

Even if you don’t enjoy watching sports, something about being with a crowd of people who are yelling & cheering is tons of fun! I remember Jariah blindfolded me and surprised me by taking me to my first hockey game back in 2012. I was shocked, especially not knowing much about hockey, but I had the time of my life!


So many times I hear “Hey, what do you want to do tonight?” with a response of: “I don’t care, whatever you want to do.” Personally, I think an important part of being in a relationship is keeping things fresh. I never want to feel bored or “content.” A lot of these dates are from personal experience & just what Jariah and I happen to enjoy most. But no matter how long you’ve been together, whether it’s been 40 years or 6 months, you should always make time for one another. Some nights I feel like I just want to sit down to a nice dinner and talk to my husband. Other nights, I want to whoop his butt in some putt-putt! My advice: Keep your relationship fresh & never stop having fun together!

TIP: A lot of these date ideas are great for surprising one another. You don’t always have to make the plans together. I personally think any guy or girl would love an unexpected date to any of these places! A simple “I’m picking you up at 6pm, dress casual & be ready!” text will go a long way! Also.. Girls, don’t always let your significant other take YOU on dates, any guy would be thrilled to have you surprise him and take him out for a fun evening!