5 Steps to the perfect Christmas Tree

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Yes, it’s still November.. but I love every thing about Christmas. The music, the lights, the love, the trees, the spirit, and the reason for it all, Jesus!

Every year I have this mental battle of whether or not it’s too early to decorate. My Christmas decor is usually put up right before Thanksgiving or the day after! Some people would rather wait, but I wanna soak up the season as long as I can.

Today I am sharing some tips to have the perfect tree! Whether it’s real or artificial. Keep in mind, everyone’s style is different so do things your OWN way and do what YOU like!

I personally like to do a theme or color scheme for my tree each year. This year I chose the bold red! With hints of silver & champagne. Some people prefer colored lights and family made ornaments and some people want their tree to look like it’s straight from a magazine.  Do your thing! Here are some tips to help:

  1. FLUFF!

If you have an artificial tree, first step is to fluff! I like to set up the base and center pole then work my way from the bottom up. I put some branches upward and downward to blend with the rows above and below.


You can never have too many! Test your light strands before placing them on your tree. I like to do one-two wraps of lights on each branch row. Some obviously are Pre-lit. I would still test these before putting your tree all together. Tip: place your plug in chords I a certain spot so as you work up the tree you don’t have to hunt for them! Learned that the hard way 🙃 I also like to add my star/tree topper while I’m connecting all the lights already!

There are many different ways to add ribbon to your tree. I prefer the water-fall way (as shown.) But there are other styles like coming down from the top in spirals, wrapping it around the tree, etc. Wired ribbon is the best to use.


I like to add my “fillers” before my ornaments. You can use garland, berries, icicles, etc. I decided on berry stems that I already owned to keep it budget friendly. I got a lot of mine from the dollar store last year, which I bought in a bunch then cut them off to make individual pieces. I also got some at JoAnns to mix it up a bit! I place them randomly on the tree and stick a few out from the top. I lay most of these right on top of the branches.


ting any bulbs or ornaments on my tree I like to go through what I have (especially because I tend to forget after a very long year.) I decide and set aside which ones are my must haves to be at the front of the tree where they can be seen. 90% of my ornaments are from the Dollar store or Walmart.. I buy fancier ones from Kirklands or Vendors but most of my ornaments are Dollar store ornaments & I’m not ashamed! I kept a lot of my favorite ornaments out of Jackson’s reach, which means plastic at the bottom, glass at the top! My tree is flocked so it really didn’t need too much to make it look full. I wanted something simple that made a statement.

There’s just something about a Christmas tree 🎄😍🌟

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