Mason Jar Vanity Light Update


This was by far one of the simplest DIY updates I’ve ever done. The current vanity light fixtures we have are mosaic looking. Although pretty, they are definitely NOT my style! We have this vanity fixture above all the bathroom sinks in our home (which is 4.) I wanted something simple, affordable and pretty especially since I have to update four of them. I had considered just changing out the glass but it still would have come out to $30 a fixture! This cost me $13 per fixture!!!! You read that right, $13! I didn’t use any power tools and I didn’t do any electrical work!

Seriously… Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

What you’ll need: 

  • Hammer
  • 1 Nail
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Mason Jars (Make sure it’s wide-mouth – to fit the light bulb)
  • Vintage Edison Bulbs (I got the good ole Great Value- Walmart brand)
  • Threaded Socket Rings (To hold the mason jar lid- 1 per bulb that you have)
  • Sharpie


How to do it:

  1.  Remove your current glass shades. As you are removing this you will need to remove the threaded socket rings which typically holds the glass shade in place. IMG_4428
  2. Trace the outer smaller side of the threaded socket ring onto the lid of a mason jar with a sharpie. IMG_4421
  3. Take a nail onto the line you drew and hit it through with a hammer. Continue all the way around the circle.
  4. DO NOT PUSH THE CIRCLE WITH YOUR FINGER! It’s very sharp and can cut you. To break the in between spaces I used a flat-head screw driver. Which worked out great cause I used the flat-head to bend back a few spots that I had trouble with.
  5. Push up the mason jar lid around the light socket and put the threaded socket ring under it to keep it in place.
  6. Replace the light bulb. (Could be used with normal ones but I like the Edison look more!) IMG_4429
  7. Screw the glass mason jar on.
  8. Repeat steps for the rest of the bulbs.
  9. TA-DA! New light fixture!!!


Note: You may need to purchase threaded socket rings if your current vanity light does not have them, it costs $4 for two at HomeDepot. My fixture was already silver so I did not have to paint mine – you could do a rustic bronze or flat black if you’d like!

Please excuse the lighting, I did this late at night and once the lights were out the flash was needed! Also, it’s not THIS yellow, the Edison bulbs do have more of a yellow tone to them than a typical LED or soft white lightbulb, but these pictures do make it look more yellow than they actually are!

So simple, such a huge difference!!! Now I have to do 3 more around my house! 🙂

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